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Offering Financial Services to Small Businesses in Emerging Markets.


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Our Global Footprint

Nexxo operates across multiple markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, and expanding onto furthur worldwide emerging markets.



PKNet will start operating in 2021 with a  goal of creating favorable fintech solutions and banking services for SMEs along with coherent opportunities to reinforce the SMEs performance and the fintech environment as well. 

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Our Mission

Empower Small Business Owners and Operators.. ​

We leverage the community to Empower Small & Midsized Enterprise (SME) owners and operators access commercial bank-grade financial services which better their lives and the lives of their employees, customers and suppliers. Most importantly, we surround SMEs with financial services which make a positive impact on their communities.


Our Values

Community, Innovation, Speed & Spark.


We stay close to our customers and continuously innovate in order to offer value at all time. 


We believe in Speed; Speed drives our culture, as we must act fast and execute swiftly to offer value to our customers and stay relevant in the industry.


We strongly believe in community. We offer financials services which empower the SME ecosystem and positively impact the overall community.


Spark is the fuel that drives Nexxo’s team, it’s our internal motivator that enables us make smarter decisions and achieve goals.


Our Products & Services:

Fintech Innovation focused on SMEs

Our Product and services are laser-focused on helping SME owners and operators grow their businesses, reduce cost, and become more efficient. Our products and services are designed to surround SMEs with valuable solutions that positively impact their daily lives and surrounding communities.

Grow your Business

Accept cards, e-wallets, mobile payments and e-commerce.

Grow your business with our line of electronic payment acquiring solutions: accept cards, mobile payments, e-wallets and QR code payments using our latest Android-enabled Point Of Sale (POS) systems. Accept secure e-commerce and electronic billing transactions via our secured platform. Access your account via the web or via your mobile app. Our acquiring solution are easy to use, yet powerful, diverse and API enabled .

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Get a Commercial Bank Account,

linked to a mobile wallet and an IBAN.

Get a commercial bank account with a unique IBAN number; accept payments from anywhere and be able to spend your money at any Point Of Sale (POS), ATM or at any mobile payment acceptance device. The solution is very easy to use and is designed to help empower your small business to thrive.

Lower Your Payroll Costs & Reduce Your Payroll Headaches.

Use the NEXXO Payroll solution, accessible from your laptop or mobile phone, to lower your payroll costs. Get your employees paid quick and fast. We take care of all the headaches and overhead associated with calculating payroll, deductions, allowances, vacation payments, taxes.. so you can focus on running and growing your business.


Get Financing

& Loan Facilities

Some Commercial banks might say No to your request for a business loan or financing facilities. When you use Nexxo solutions, we leverage our local and international licensed banking partnerships and AI-powered lending platform to offer you the best loan facility products that match your small business needs.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Remove Price as a Barrier! Give your customers more purchasing power and increase your sales by offering your customers “Buy Now, Pay Later” purchase flexibility.


Empower your business and watch it grow. Your customers can now pay in simple installments instead of paying a high upfront amount. The solution is seamless and is fully integrated with the various Nexxo POS, e-commerce and e-billing platforms.


Give your business an edge, increase customer satisfaction and retention. Let your customers get what they really want today, then pay later with ease and simplicity and no credit risk to your business.

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Save big on Insurance

NEXXO can save you a substantial cost on insurance for your business, your family, and your employees. Our insurance premiums are low because we have a strong buying power via our partnerships with licensed insurance providers serving Millions of small businesses like you. At Nexxo, we pass the insurance discounts and savings to you; and insurance premiums are now affordable and within your budget.


Nexxo can help you save cost on multiple insurance products such as commercial insurance, health insurance, and limited liability worker compensation insurance.

Get Customers to Come Back & Spend More

Use Nexxo Points and the NEXXO Discount & Loyalty platform to promote your business and attract more returning customers.


The NEXXO loyalty platform is simple and easy to use; all you need is your mobile phone to create deals, offers, points and discounts; then easily manage your customer loyalty and retention statistics.


The Nexxo.io

Blockchain Project

The “Nexxo.io” blockchain project is a research project sponsored by Nexxo Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd, a Singapore based company, a fully-owned subsidiary of Nexxo network. The objective of Nexxo.io is to develop and implement blockchain-powered financial services to Small Businesses Worldwide; while maintaining full compliance with central bank rules and regulations; such KYC, AML, AFT and OFAC.

Nexxo.io is the World's First Blockchain-Powered Financial Services Platform Focused on SMEs!


Become a

Nexxo Partner

Become a NEXXO Partner, get trained, learn about the Nexxo product line. Learn how to sell and become efficient in running your own business as well as give advice to other small business owners and operators within your community.

Get Lucrative commissions working with NEXXO, increase your income for you and your family while servicing your friends and your local community.

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