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Fintech Innovation Empowering Small & Mid-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Across a Global Network of Emerging Markets.





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Our Global Footprint

Nexxo operates across multiple markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, and expanding onto furthur worldwide emerging markets.



QPAY, founded in 2012, is Qatar’s largest Financial Technology (FINTECH) company. QPAY services tens of thousands of under-banked and under-serviced micro and small businesses in Qatar, as well as hundreds of thousands of low-wage employees. The company is an active participant in helping micro and small businesses digitalize in anticipation for the 2022 World Cup (hosted in Qatar), as well as align with the 2030 National Qatari Vision leading to a paperless and digital economy.

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Our Mission

Empower Small Business Owners and Operators.. ​

We leverage the community to Empower Small & Midsized Enterprise (SME) owners and operators access commercial bank-grade financial services which better their lives and the lives of their employees, customers and suppliers. Most importantly, we surround SMEs with financial services which make a positive impact on their communities.

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Our Values

Community, Innovation, Speed & Spark.


We stay close to our customers and continuously innovate in order to offer value at all time. 


We believe in Speed; Speed drives our culture, as we must act fast and execute swiftly to offer value to our customers and stay relevant in the industry.


We strongly believe in community. We offer financials services which empower the SME ecosystem and positively impact the overall community.


Spark is the fuel that drives Nexxo’s team, it’s our internal motivator that enables us make smarter decisions and achieve goals.


Our Products & Services:

Fintech Innovation focused on SMEs

Our Product and services are laser-focused on helping SME owners and operators grow their businesses, reduce cost, and become more efficient. Our products and services are designed to surround SMEs with valuable solutions that positively impact their daily lives and surrounding communities.